Biocidal ZF

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Biocidal ZF
 Cat  #                   Quantity                 Price
WAK-ZF-1               1 x 1 lit.                   156 USD 
WAK-ZF-12           12 x 0,2 lit.                338 USD
WAK-ZF-6               6 x 1 lit.                  422 USD
Special spray-disinfectant incubators and laminar flow hoods for protecting cultures against bacteria, fungi and  enveloped viruses.
Biocidal ZFTM is effective against bacteria, spores and enveloped viruses.
Active microbiocidal ingredients are non-volatile. They protect cell cultures from microbial contamination and do not invade cell cultures via air.
Thus cell cultures  are protected against contamination and the disinfectant itself.
Application for incubators
• Empty incubator
• Spray Biocidal ZFTM on all surfaces and let settle
• Put cultures right back
Surfaces will be protected for 2-4 weeks. (Before disinfecting you may clean incubator with Biocidal ZFTM if necessary)
Application in sterile benches
• Empty sterile bench
• Then clean with Biocidal ZFTM and finally spray on all 
Protection will prevail until next workshift.
No combustible gases can form, unlike by use of ethanol.
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