Dendritic Cell

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Dendritic Cell Therapy

04-huIL1B-50 µg human IL-1B, 50 µg 50µg 195 $
04-GMPhuIL4-50 µg GMP human IL-4, 50 µg 50µg 399 $
04-RESIL4-100µg Research human IL-4, 100 µg 100ug 245 $
04-RESIL4-50µg Research human IL-4, 50 µg 50µg 195 $
04-huIL-6-50µg human IL-6, 50 µg 50µg 195 $
04-huIL-10-50µg human IL-10, 50 µg 50µg 195 $
04-huIL-11-1mg human IL-11, 1mg 1mg 95 $
04-huIL-11-5mg human IL-11, 5mg 5mg 195 $
04-huIL-15-50µg human IL-15, 50 µg 50µg 195 $
04-RHUGM-CSF-300UG mGMP GM-CSF, 300 µg 300µg 385 $
04-RHUGM-CSF-50UG mGMP GM-CSF, 50 µg 50µg 90 $
04-HGH-4IU HGH Lyophilisd powder 4IU 95 $
04-SOD-50µg human SOD , 500 µg 500ug 195 $
04-RHUTNFA-50 µg human TNF-a 50µg 399 $
04-GMPTAA- 10µg GMP TAA’s Tumor Associated Antigens 10 µg 199 $
Different subpopulation of DCs can be obtained by separating and cultivating their precursors (for example monocytes) under different conditions. The most common subpopulation is obtained by using a combination of various cytokines, including interleukin 4 (IL-4) and granulocyte-monocyte colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF)

In order to supply researchers and clinicians using DC with necessary tools of the trade, BruCells is developing preparations of these reagents suitable for the subsequent application of the DC to patients, i.e manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and fulfilling state of the art specifications.

Cytokines are a class of proteins, which are secreted by living cells. They have several functions, such as promoting cellular growth, activate cells or destroy target cells such as cancer cells. A subgroup called Interleukins (IL) function as messengers between leukocytes. Cytokines have many potential applications. The demand is expected to grow in the future with the development of cellular therapies.

In the case of cellular immunotherapy of cancer, cytokines are mainly used for the maturation of DCs. For the moment, the market consists mainly of the many research and development groups which are working on therapeutic vaccines and which need to obtain reliable sources of clinical grade cytokines.

The production and marketing of clinical grade (GMP) human recombinant cytokines by BruCells present several advantages for the company:

- these products enter the production of DC vaccines and the availability of GMP materials at
  competitive prices is a competitive advantage
- the marketing of such products may help to establish earlier a presence in the market
- the contribution margin may help to fund the development of vaccines

Starting in September, 2003, clinical grade recombinant human Interleukin-4 can be supplied in vials containing 50 micrograms of lyophilized IL4.

Starting in August, 2004, clinical grade recombinant human Granulocyte-Monocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor can be supplied in vials containing 50 micrograms of lyophilized GM-CSF.

Research grade cytokines for experimental use in vitro can be provided subject to availability : IL-1b, IL-4, IL-6 and others. Please enquire.

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