TX-HYB Hybridoma Growth Supplement

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As you may have heard is the FC-210001 ORIGEN Hybridoma Cloning factor no longer available.

GENTAUR is pleased to inform you we have a replacement for the FC210001 ORIGEN Hybridoma Cloning factor.

 We have an alternative product which enables you to easily prepare your own Serum-Free Hybridoma Growth Medium.

 The TX-HYB Hybridoma Growth Supplement replaces feeder layers or other conditioned media and growth factors used in hybridoma production. TX-HYB increases the yield of hybridomas surviving HAT selection, the cloning efficiency of B-cell hybridomas, and the number of antibody producing colonies.

 The TX-HYB Hybridoma Growth Supplement is ready to use. Prepare the serum free Hybridoma growth medium by dissolving 1 bottle of TX-HYB (11 ml) into 1 Liter of D-MEM F-12 (Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium F-12).

The prepared Serum-Free Hybridoma growth medium is a chemically defined culture medium supporting the serum-free growth of various hybridomas and 293 cells. The compounds of Hybridoma growth medium include water for injection, a modified DMEM/F12 base, HEPES buffer, known amounts of insulin, transferin, testosterone, sodium selenite, ethanolamine, a variety of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, and stabilizing proteins. TX-HYB Hybridoma growth supplement contains no bovine serum albumine or other undefined protein mixtures.


 You can find the datasheet and the protocol here:

TX-HYB Hybridoma Growth Supplement DATASHEET.pdf

TX-HYB Hybridoma Growth Medium PROTOCOL.pdf

This protocol can be followed when using the TX-HYB supplemented Hybridoma Growth Medium in combination with a 1000ml cell Bioreactor.


Name Quantity Price
TX-HYB 1 bottles 190USD
TX-HYB 5 bottles 890 USD
TX-HYB 10 bottles 1590 USD
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