Exicycler 96

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Exicycler™ 96 Quantitative Real-Time PCR System

superior optics for true 5-color performance

Exicycler is a flexible, 5-color system with advanced features such as a thermal gradient function as well as light tunnel technology which eliminates the need for a reference dye. 

Exicycler 96 is different from most Real Time systems in that we’ve addressed a significant problem that affects many systems – edge effects and the need for reference dyes. Most systems illuminate the wells from above which results in up to a 30% difference in light intensity from the center of the plate to the edges. Gentaur’s Exicycler 96 uses our exclusive light tunnel technology to deliver the same number of photons to each well, eliminating the need to use reference dyes to adjust for intensity differences! 


Exicycler 96 also offers several other features such as a thermal gradient for optimization. This is a critical feature to have for optimization of real time PCR and absolutely essential for multiplex optimization.
Exicycler 96 has all the analysis modules you would expect in a Real-Time system including; Absolute Quantification, Relative Quantification, +/- Assays, SNP Genotyping, Melt Curve Analysis, etc. 
By using a high-sensitivity 2D 16-bit CCD sensor and high-quality optics, Exicycler 96 is able to acquire clean and sensitive signals from all the wells simultaneously. All fluorescent data is saved regardless of how the experiment was set up, which means that if a well was accidentally left out, the data can be recovered, or rather, rediscovered! 



Features and Benefits

Light Tunnel Technology: Provides homogenous illumination across the plate
True 5-color Multiplexing: No need to run reference dyes or plates
Bright, Short Arc lamp: Longer life and even spectrum compared to Halogen bulbs
Open system: Use any Reagents or consumables*
Gradient function: Up to 20°C across the block. Essential for optimization
Fluorescence data obtained from 
96 wells simultaneously:
No time-lag between wells


Price: 43 000 USD

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