JETSTAR/LFU Plasmid Purification Kit

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Jetstar Midi LFU Kit      lfu unit          star midi        star maxi 

                                                              LFU-Unit                   Midi column                  Maxi column


 #211 025 JETSTAR 2.0 Plasmid Midiprep LFU Kit / 25               256 USD
#211 100 JETSTAR 2.0 Plasmid Midiprep LFU Kit / 100              761 USD
#221 020 JETSTAR 2.0 Plasmid Maxiprep LFU Kit / 20               401 USD 
#221 100 JETSTAR 2.0 Plasmid Maxiprep LFU Kit / 100             1484 USD


Very convenient procedure - much simpler and shorter than any competitor's protocol
Great time-saving compared to standard procedure
Newly designed FAST Midi columns much faster than any comparable product
Larger culture volumes can be processed on the new FAST Midi columns
No centrifugation necessary to clear bacterial lysate
Lysate clarification integrated into column procedure
Only ONE column wash for the new FAST Midi and Maxi columns
No clogging of the lysate filter unit
Much less susceptible against overloading than competitor's products
JETSTAR specifications:
Product is designed to prepare plasmid DNA (medium and large scale) from E.colicells
Product contents are gravity fast flow columns, RNase A, ready-to-use buffers and protocol
JETSTAR / LFU preparations are available in Midi and Maxi format
JETSTAR is able to prepare cosmid DNA and BAC DNA as well
No chromosomal DNA contamination
No phenol/chloroform extraction
No organic or toxic reagents
Excellent reproducibility
Total procedure in 30 - 40 min
Plasmid DNA is ultrapure (better than 2 x CsCl)
Plasmid DNA recovery is 90% - 95% on average
Plasmid DNA of all sizes can be prepared
Plasmid DNA yields are up to 200 µg (Midi) and up to 850 µg (Maxi)
A260/280 ratio is > 1.85
Endotoxin level is < 0.01 EU/µg plasmid DNA
Applications for plasmid and cosmid DNA
Manual and automated sequencing, including capillary sequencing
In vitro transcription
Restriction analysis, ligation, labeling etc.
Transfection of endotoxin-sensitive cells (Endo Free)
Gene therapy applications
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