Extraction Products

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Whatman offers a unique line of high quality extraction products to meet a wide range of extraction applications. These products are manufactured from high-alpha cellulose cotton linters for purity and consistent performance.


Whatman 1 PS Phase Separator

Separator paper
Whatman 1 PS Phase Separator 
The Whatman 1 PS Phase Separator is a high grade filter paper impregnated with a stabilised silicone that renders it hydrophobic, retaining the aqueous phase and passing the solvent phase through. 

Automatic Cut-Off, Separatory Funnel Replacement
After being shaken, the mixed phases are simply poured directly into the 1 PS circle which is quadrant-folded in the funnel. The separation is extremely rapid so it is unnecessary to wait until the two phases have settled into separate layers. Droplets are automatically separated after only a few moments, giving a solvent phase completely free of the aqueous phase.

In many applications, 1 PS can replace the use of separatory funnels. The solvent phase flows through the paper quickly and cleanly. It then stops automatically, leaving the aqueous phase completely in the paper. This feature is particularly important when carrying out a large number of routine solvent extractions at the same time. Samples can be shaken with solvent in stoppered conical flasks or test tubes and transferred directly to funnels containing 1 PS.

Unsupervised Separation
A chief benefit of the 1 PS method is that cut-off is automatic and complete just as soon as the solvent phase has passed through. The result is no skilled operators are required.

Features and Benefits

  • Ease of use. No special training required
  • Any number of separations can proceed together
  • Staff involvement in routine separations is at a minimum

Water may break through upon prolonged standing.

Ordering Information - 1PS Phase Separators (Circles)
Catalogue Number Diameter Quantity/Pack
2200-070 7 100
2200-090 9 100
2200-110 11 100
2200-125 12.5 100
2200-150 15 100
2200-185 18.5 100
2200-240 24 100
2200-270 27 100
Solid phase extraction (SPE)

Whatman SPE devices are designed to concentrate or isolate analytes from complex sample matrices. Available with a variety of packing media, these devices offer the advantage of working with different types of interactions between the sample components, sorbent and suitable eluent. The polarity (polar, nonpolar) or charge (anion, cation) of the analyte of interest will determine the proper choice of sorbent and solvent.

Whatman SPE devices have silica-based chemistries and are available in several configurations. Column capacities include 3, 6 and 12 mL size columns. A cartridge format for use with a syringe is also available.

Solid phase extraction is a chromatographic technique used to prepare samples for subsequent analysis by removing interfering substances that may be present. This is done either by retaining the substance of interest and washing off everything else or by retaining the interfering substances and eluting the product of interest.

Whatman SPE devices contain high quality sorbets for LC chromatographers.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in a range of packing media
  • Whatman quality sorbents for consistent results


  • Isolate analytes from complex sample matrices
  • Remove interfering substances in order to prepare samples for subsequent analysis
  • Drug metabolites in biological fluids
  • Food analysis
  • Environmental analysis

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Disks

The Whatman SPE disk utilizes C-18 derivatized silica, incorporated into a glass microfiber matrix. The high flow and high loading capacity of the glass microfiber media allow for rapid aqueous sample flow rates, while oil, grease and other organic analytes are efficiently extracted and retained by the reverse phase silica material.

Features and Benefits

  • High quality Whatman glass microfiber media for superior flow and high loading capacity
  • Efficient grease analyte extraction and retention


  • Oil and grease analysis, EPA Method 1664A

Sample Drying Device

A sample drying device is available for removal of water from organic extracts. It attaches to the male luer outlet of a syringe in which the organic sample extract has been collected. Traces of water are removed as the sample is pushed through the drying device into a collection vial.

Typical Data
Key to Sorbent Abbreviations Features
ODS-4 Octadecyl silane 14% of carbon load, end capped
ODS-5 Octadecyl silane 18% of carbon load, end capped
C-8 Octyl silane 8.5% of carbon load, end capped
FLO Florisil®
SCX Strong cation exchanger–  
  aromatic benzene sulfonic acid
  functional groups  
SAX Strong anion exchanger–  
  quaternary amino groups (-NR3+)
Ordering Information + Solid Phase Extraction
Catalogue Number Product Code Column Volume Quantity/Pack
Column Type
6803-0505 ODS-5 500 mg/3 mL 50
6803-0507 ODS-5 500 mg/6 mL 30
6803-0509 ODS-5 1000 mg/12 mL 20
6803-1205 C-8 500 mg/3 mL 50
6803-1809 FLO 1000 mg/12 mL 20
6803-2005 SAX 500 mg/3 mL 50
6803-2605 SCX 500 mg/3 mL 50
Cartridge Type*
6804-0405 ODS-4 500 mg/unit 50
6804-0505 ODS-5 500 mg/unit 5
Ordering Information - Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Disks
Catalogue Number Description Filter Media Diameter (mm) Pore Size (µm) Quantity/Box
6805-3402 SPE disk for oil and grease 47 20
6805-3043 SPE disk for oil and grease 47 80
6805-3048 SPE disk for oil and grease 90 20
6805-8034 DFP prefilter 42.5 5 48
6805-8035 DFP prefilter for 47 mm disk PP 47 5 48
6805-8037 DFP prefilter for 90 mm disk PP 90 5 16
Ordering Information - Sample Drying Device
Cartridge Type with Polypropylene Filter
Catalogue Number Product Size (mg) Quantity/Pack
6805-8020 Sodium sulfate with 0.45 µm - PP filter and tube tip 1500 50
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