Cat Number: 9621

Quantity:10 Manifolds/Unit

More information: Sterile, individually wrapped

Description: CLP supplies an 8-port manifold which has a friction slip fit on to the 50ml combi-syringe. The tips on the manifold follow the standard 9mm center microplate spacing. With aqueous solutions this tip will provide equal dispensing across all 8 tips to within 1.7% of the dispensed volume. Because of accuracy concerns across larger diameters, CLP does not supply a twelve-port manifold.

Price: 129 USD

InstantBlue is the fastest ready-to-use stain available and been optimised to give well-defined protein bands in a single step.
Specially formulated for ultra-fast, sensitive and safe detection of proteins, staining takes minutes without the need to wash, fix, microwave or destain.
Other benefits include high sensitivity (as little as 5 ng per band with BSA - See FAQs), low background staining and non-toxic formulation.

neptune-10ul Extended Length Barrier Tip Filtered Sterile 10

Quantity: 4800 (in case - Racked - 96)
Availability: Yes
Barrier Tips to Give You Complete Peace of Mind
Protect your work from contamination with one of the industry’s most efficient aerosol filter assemblies. Our proven range of barrier tips reliably prevent aerosol transfer to give you complete peace of mind when performing your most sensitive assays.


As you may have heard is the FC-210001 ORIGEN Hybridoma Cloning factor no longer available.

GENTAUR is pleased to inform you we have a replacement for the FC210001 ORIGEN Hybridoma Cloning factor.

 We have an alternative product which enables you to easily prepare your own Serum-Free Hybridoma Growth Medium.

  • 8 Place closed rotor ensure better airflow, greater efficiency with quiet operation and low heat generation.

  • Electronic Brake for immediate stop on lid opening for user safety

  • Save time by doing quick runs by simply closing and opening the lid when switched On

  • Next gen design with Digital Display

  • Robust construction for long life

  • Microprocessor controlled enables Digital variable speed and time setting with last run memory function (M08VT)

  • Patented Imbalance Detection with auto cut off (M08VT)

  • User enabled Digital Calibration function (M08VT)

  • Small footprint saves valuable bench space – suitable for use in hoods and clod rooms

* Special speed version between 1000 RPM to 6000 RPM can be provided on request