Kronos HT WSL-1565 Installed By Gentaur Team

Gentaur experts installed the Kronos HT WSL-1565 Luminometer in cooperation with technical staff of the Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie Laboratory.Kronos HT dispositif is a bioluminescence measurement system for living cell and tissues
Kronos Dio is performing to detect high sensitivity for dim and weak luminescence consecutively in culture samples such as cells and tissues in 35mm culture dishes for a long time.


• High throughput live cell realtime reporter assay measurment
• Temperature and CO2 are controlled,humidity is kept >90%RH.
• 24 well plate x 2 or 96 well plate x 2 (option)
• Data display with real-time
• Detectors scan each well, so culture plates don’t move.
• Lower noise by PMT cooling
• Dual-color luciferase assay by optical filter auto-changing

Gentaur provide useful cell line carrying luciferase as a reporter gene for assessing circadian rhythm by Bmal1 gene expression.



Detector: PhotoMultiplier Tube (10℃ cooling) x 2units
Measurment: Photon counting method
Measurement time: 1-60s/well, for 1h-30days
Format: 24 well clear bottom plate x 2 (Standard)
96 well clear bottom plate x 2 (Option)
35mm dish x 12 (Option)
Detection plate: 2 PMTs (one PMT to one plate)
Throughput: 48 samples (24 well plate ×2)
192 samples (96 well plate ×2)Option
12 samples (35mm dish ×12)Option

Incubation temperature control: Room temperature +5℃ to 45℃
at room temperature 20 – 28℃
CO2 gas control: Control to 5% by CO2 gas mixer
Humidification: Setting of water receiver in incubator and humidified 5% CO2 gas flowing intermittently by humidifying out
Maintaining > 90%RH
Multi-color assay: Measurement with aoutomatically selected optical filter up to 2 colors



PC requirements OS: Windows10/8.1/7 , 64/32bit, Memory,4GB
HDD: more than 20GB 
PC interface; USB2.0 x 1 port
Demention・Weight: 650(W)×520(D)×340(H)mm ・ 40kg
Input: AC100~240V 50/60Hz 400W(Max)

CO2 Control:  Keep 5% of CO2               
Humidity: Insert CO2 gas into Kronos HT incubator chamber
through humidification unit Dimension・Weight :
CO2 gas mixer unit: 160(W)×300(D)×200(H)mm 4.8kg
Humidification unit: 170(W)×140(D)×115(H)mm 1.6kg

Input CO2 gas mixer: AC100~240V 50/60Hz 100W Max
Humidification unit: AC100~240V 50/60Hz 24W Max

Tommy Ounas

Tommy Ounas

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