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  • Deafness Gene GJB2 Edited

    A russian scientist has begun altering the GJB2 gene, related with deafness, in human eggs gave by ladies who can hear, An analyst at Pirogov Russian National Exploration Medicinal College in Moscow,…

  • Zeptometrix Corporation

    ZeptoMetrix is a very efficient industry in innovative solutions to challenges in the evolving Infectious Disease Diagnostics market. With a reputation for product quality, reliability, and trusted technical knowledge provides assurance that…

  • Versa 10 NAP Workstation Installed in Plovdiv by Gentaur Team

    Our General Manager of Gentaur Bulgaria Eood Vasil Danilov Abaev successfully installed the Versa 10 Nucleic Acid Purification (NAP) Workstation in the Medical Genetics Laboratory of the Medical University of Plovdiv.

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