Bad monoclonal Antibody

Supplier Biovision · Catalog number: 3005-100


100 ug

Mouse Monoclonal antibody recognizing Human, Mouse, Rat antigen.

  • Additional information:
    • Antigen alternative names: BAD antibody,BAD human antibody,BBC 2 antibody,BBC2 antibody,BBC6 antibody,Bcl 2 Antagonist of Cell Death antibody,Bcl 2 Binding Component 6 antibody,BCL X / BCL 2 Binding Protein antibody,BCL X Binding Protein antibody,Bcl XL/Bcl 2 Associated Death Promoter antibody,Bcl-2-binding component 6 antibody,Bcl-2-like protein 8 antibody,Bcl-XL/Bcl-2-associated death promoter antibody,Bcl2 antagonist of cell death antibody,BCL2 antagonist of cell death protein antibody,BCL2 associated agonist of cell death antibody,Bcl2 Associated Death Promoter antibody,BCL2 binding component 6 antibody,BCL2 binding protein antibody,Bcl2 Like 8 Protein antibody,Bcl2-L-8 antibody,BCL2L8 antibody,BclXL antibody,Proapoptotic BH3 Only Protein antibody.
    • Immunogen sequence: Full length human Bad
    • Accession number: Q92934
    • Purification: Affinity purified rabbit IgG
    • Background information: Bad is a member of the Bcl-2 family proteins. Within the Bcl-2 homology domains 1 and 2 (BH1 and BH2), Bad shows significant homology to Bcl-2 and Bcl-x. Bcl-2 is known to block several apoptosis signals and is considered to be a central downstream cell death repressor. Bcl-XL represses apoptosis, but its short form, Bcl-XS, promotes cell death. Bax is known to homodimerize as well as heterodimerize with Bcl-2. An excess concentration of Bax opposes the ability of Bcl-2 to repress cell death. Bad can selectively dimerize with Bcl-xL and Bcl-2, but not with Bax, Bcl-xS, Mcl-1, A1, or itself. In mammalian cells, Bad binds more strongly to Bcl-xL than Bcl-2, which may explain why Bad reverse the death repressor activity of Bcl-xL, but not that of Bcl-2. The formation of the Bad-Bcl-xL heterodimer displaces Bax and restores favorable conditions for apoptosis.
  • Storage and shipping:
    • Shipping: gel pack
    • Storage: -20°C
    • Shelf life: 12 months
    • Handling: The antibody solution should be gently mixed before use.
  • Notes:For research use only.