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Alexa Fluor 647 Antibody

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SAM FCM (Alexa Fluor 647)
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Anti-LAMP3 antibody (Alexa-fluor 647)
St John's Laboratory 100 µg
Description: The dendritic cell lysosomal-associated membrane protein (DC-LAMP)/CD208 is a type I integral transmembrane glycoprotein mostly homologous to CD68, of about 45 kDa in mouse and 90 kDa in human (glycosylation), with a bipartite C-terminal structure divided by a serine/proline rich region, a transmembrane domain and a conserved tyrosine-based lysosomal targeting motif in its cytoplasmic tail. Initially cloned as a specific marker of human mature dendritic cells (DCs), DC-LAMP has been subsequently shown to be expressed in alveolar type II pneumocytes. In both cell types, the molecule is found in the limiting membrane of intracellular multi-lamellar bodies, known as MIIC (MHC class II compartments) in human mature DCs and as lung surfactant-containing lamellar bodies in type II pneumocytes. In the latter cell type, DC-LAMP expression is also detected at the cell surface.
Anti-IL3RA antibody (Alexa-fluor 647)
St John's Laboratory 100 µg
Description: IL3 exerts its biologic activity through its interaction with a cell surface receptor that consists of two subunits. The a subunit (CD123) specifically binds IL3, whereas the ß subunit is required for signaling and is common to the GMCSFR and IL5-R. 107D2.08 and 106C2.02 mAbs were obtained after mouse immunization with sorted human tonsillar PDC. Both clones strongly stain PDCs and basophils, weakly stain monocytes, CD34+ derived DCs and CD11c+ DC, while no staining is observed on T, B, NK cells as well as on mono-derived DCs. Staining with 107D2.08 and 106C2.02 mAbs are maintained on sorted PDC cultured in the presence of IL3 and CD40L, but lost when IL3 alone is added to the culture. The recognition of the IL3Ra chain by 107D2.08 and 106C2.02 was confirmed by transfection studies. 107D2.08 appeared to be the most appropriate clone for in situ studies. 107D2.08 allowed the first observation of IL3Ra+ cells in breast tumor microenvironment
Anti-CD207 antibody (Alexa-fluor 647)
St John's Laboratory 100 µg
Description: Langerin/CD207 is a transmembrane C-type lectin receptor (CLR) of epidermal and mucosal Langerhans cells (LCs) that induces Birbeck's granule formation. Langerin features a single carbohydrate recognition domain (CRD) with mannose-type specificity in its extracellular portion. Langerin is unique among the CLRs in that it contains an intracellular domain with a proline-rich motif. Langerin expression has not been reported outside the DC system. (Valladeau J et al, 1999, Eur.J.Immunol., 29:2695-2704; Valladeau J et al, 2000 Immunity, 12 : 71-81; Kashihara M et al, 1986, J.Invest.Derm., 87 :602-607 Ito T et al, 1999, J.Immunol., 163 :1409-1419 ;Saeland S & Valladeau J, CD207 (Langerin) Workshop reports 2002, Leukocyte-Typing VII, White Cell Diff Antigens, D. Mason et al, Eds, Oxford University Press:306-307)
Anti-IL7R antibody (Alexa-fluor 647)
St John's Laboratory 100 µg
Description: The IL7-R consists of 2 chains, IL-7R known as CD127 and common cytokine receptor chain known as CD132. A 75 to 80kDa human IL-7 receptor has been cloned that belongs to hematopoietic cytokinereceptor super family. R34-34, raised against human leukemic pre-B cells, recognized a molecule expressed on normal B cell precursors but not on mature B cells. This antibody specifically reverted IL-7 mediated growth inhibition of leukemic BCP (normal B cells precursors) and mature T cells. IL-7R expression is dramatically influenced by cytokines and antigens. This IL-7R displays both high and low affinity for its ligand (IL-7). Inhibitory and proliferative effects of IL-7 can be mediated through the same receptor on various lineages. CD4+ memory T cells express high level of IL-7R Subsets that express it generally require it, including progenitors of T and B cells, naïve and memory T cells. (Pandrau-Garcia D et al, 1994, Blood, 83, 3613-9 Mazzucchelli R et al, Nat. Review Immunol., 2007,7, 144-54)
Donkey anti Goat IgG (H + L) (Alexa Fluor 647)
Fitzgerald 500 ug
Description: Donkey anti Goat IgG (H + L) secondary antibody (Alexa Fluor 647)
Donkey anti Chicken IgY (H + L) (Alexa Fluor 647)
Fitzgerald 300 ug
Description: Donkey anti Chicken IgY (H + L) (Fab'2) (Alexa Fluor 647)
Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG(H+L) Alexa Fluor 647–conjugated
Affbiotech 200ul
Goat Anti-Mouse IgG(H+L) Alexa Fluor 647–conjugated
Affbiotech 200ul
<a href="https://genprice.com/products/anti-hu-cd3-zeta-py153-alexa-fluor-647-6015054" title="Anti-Hu CD3 zeta (pY153) Alexa Fluor® 647">Anti-Hu CD3 zeta (pY153) Alexa Fluor® 647
ExBio 0.1 mg

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