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Genprice Inc. is an American Distributor of Research Reagents and Diagnostics based in a beautiful area of San Francisco Bay.
We are Also in Europe under Gentaur Brand with Accounting, Tax Entity and Sales Representatives in 8 countries. 

What we do ?

We offer variety of assays. This assays will help you move straight to your next scientific breakthrough. In this group you will have the opportunity to compare the different types of assays. Therefore this assays are produced by the best manufacturing laboratories. Consequently, you can easily select the most suitable one for your research.


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Our Products

We develop and offer a wide range of products, including test kits, antibodies, recombinant proteins and enzymes. Rather other innovative research tools to study apoptosis, cell proliferation, metabolism, cell damage and repair, cellular stress, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome, core Biology cells, gene regulation, signal transmission etc. Our products are currently sold in over 60 countries around the world. We are well known in the natural sciences industry to provide researchers with research tools that will accelerate their research.

The Goals

​We are dedicated to serving the needs of the scientific community. So we are providing high quality peptides and bioanalytical reagents.
Certainly Recognizing the unbreakable link between the researcher’s tool and his research success. Also, we pay particular attention to the quality of our products. Therfore, all ou products are manufactured with rigorous guidelines and are accompanied by certificates of analysis, HPLC, Mass Spectrum and HMNR data. In contrast, our platform is user-friendly and offers variety of filters within the group to help you narrow down the search. So that you can find the required kit as soon as possible.

Our suppliers

Us Biomax
Alpha Diagnostics
Pel freez
Cell Biolabs
Cloud Clone Corp

Our experts

Lieven Gevaert

Bio Ingeneer in Biotechnology. Owner and CEO of Gentaur Genprice Since 2000. Research Gate Autor. 


Lieven gevaert

Djoumana Ounas

Pharmacist Assistant Professor in Analytical Chemisty. Consultance Expertise and Reglatory Biotech Support.

Djoumana ounas

Vasil Abaev

PhD in Biotechnology and Biomolecules. Sales and Marketing Director. Technical and Scientific Suppot.

Vasil Abaev

Genprice Strongness

We maintain exponential and sustainable growth year-on-year. Hence, with an average annual growth rate of 30% since our establishment in 2000. Therfore, today, we are proud of being one of the largest biotechnology companies in a lot of regions.  Above all, contributing to the dynamic development of the biotechnology industry. Also, our long-term international partnership with prestigious universities and research and development organizations, as well as our worldwide distribution network allows us to conduct discoveries on a global scale.

We Are Offering

Within this category you will find: enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit, PCR kits, CLIA tests, assays for detection of contamination (Bacteria / mycoplasma tests). Furthermore we offer all kinds of substrates, positive/negative controls and standards. We deliver next Tuesday for orders before Friday 2pm.
monoclonal antibody
Scientific Journal
Tommy Ounas

Monoclonal Antibodies, Production and Applications

Monoclonal antibodies are identical because they are produced by a clone of specialized cells of the immune system (the plamocytes). Monoclonal antibodies are widely used in biology and medicine, both as diagnostic tools and for therapeutic purposes.

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monoclonal antibody
Scientific Journal
Djoumana Ounas

What are Monoclonal Antibodies ?

Monoclonal antibodies or also known as (MAB) or (moAb) are identical antibodies that are produced in a laboratory from a single clone of B cells. The B cells that are used are also identical, and that is why these antibodies have specifity, and they recognize only one specific antigen, and bind to the same epitope.

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Scientific Journal
Djoumana Ounas

How to make Polyclonal Antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies (PA or pAbs ) are produced by different type of B cells lineages. Therefore, this type of antibodies has different structure even if they bind to the same antigen, just slightly different region (epitope).

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