Genprice InternShip

Each year Genprice Inc. organizes a recruitment competition for a student to whom we grant an internship for one year in our Laboratory in San Jose. The project is proposed and directed by our PhD Maria Yordanova.

Application conditions:

– Student in the field of biology or biotechnology.

– Last year graduate student.

– Concern only accredited partner institutions of Genprice Inc.

– Applicants must send a cover letter by email to

– Submit the application before August 1, 2020.


Genprice Internship 2019 Winner

Our team is pleased to present Sandi King, the internship winner for the year 2019.

Djoumana Ounas

Djoumana Ounas

Pharmacist Assistant Professor in Analytical Chemisty. Consultance Expertise and Reglatory Biotech Support.

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