EZH1 Chemiluminescent Assay Kit

Supplier BPS Bioscience · Catalog number: 52079

1705 USD

96 rxns.

The EZH1 Chemiluminescent Assay Kit is designed to measure activity of the_x000D_EZH1 complex (EZH1/EED/SUZ12/RbAp48/AEBP) for screening and profiling purposes. The key to the EZH1 Chemiluminescent Assay Kit is_x000D_a highly specific antibody that recognizes methylated Histone H3K27. With this kit, only three_x000D_simple steps on a microtiter plate are required for methyltransferase detection. First, Sadenosylmethionine_x000D_is incubated with a sample containing assay buffer and methyltransferase_x000D_enzyme for one hour. Next, primary antibody is added. Finally, the plate is treated with an HRPlabeled_x000D_secondary antibody followed by addition of the HRP substrate to produce_x000D_chemiluminescence that can then be measured using a chemiluminescence reader.

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