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UV Carboxyl Particle Array Kit

Supplier Spherotech · Catalog number: UVCPAK--5042-14K

1411 USD

14X1 mL

UltraRainbow Fluorescent Particlesare calibration particles that help you to determine if a flow cytometer is properly aligned and has a clean flow cell with no fluidic blockage. Using SPHERO? Alignment Particles, the coefficients of variation (CVs), peak channels, and histogram distributions can be measured to determine the alignment and functionality of the flow cytometer.

  • Storage and shipping:Most items are stable at room temperature. However we recommend to store them between 4-8 C after first use. Always refer to the technical documentation inside the kit for proper storage and handling. If you have any doubts contact Gentaur technical expert via live chat, phone orr email.
  • Notes:This product is for research use only.

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