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The Grandient solution!

"Son of Metrizamide"

Nycodenz Solution!(Nycoprep Universal 60%)

Sterile Ready-Made 60% (w/v) Solution in Water


Makes Density Gradient Solution: Simple


May be Sterilized by Autoclaving




1.                                   CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION

Product name:               Nycodenz

Application:                   Isolation of biological particles using centrifugation techniques

2.                                   COMPOSITION, INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS

Composition:               Main ingredients:      CAS No.:          Content:      Hazard classification:

Off-white powder         66108-95-0                           None

3.                                   HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION

Emergency overview:    Powder. No hazard if spilled

Health Hazard:              .Non-toxic

4.                                   FIRST-AID MEASURES

General:                        Miscible with water.

Eyes:                              Flush eyes with water. If irritation occurs, seak medical advice.

Skin contact:                 Wash with  water.

Ingestion:                      Wash mouth thoroughly with water and drink water if substance has been swallowed, drink large quantities of water.

Inhalation:                     Not applicable.

5.                                   FIRE-FIGHTING MEASURES

Extinguishing media:    Use extinguishing media appropriate for surrounding fire.

Flammable properties:  Not flammable. This product does not present any fire or explosion hazard.

6.                                   ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES

Personal precautions:   Wear gloves, other protection is not necessary

Cleanup procedures:     Clean up, contaminated area should be washed with soap and water.

7.                                   HANDLING AND STORAGE

Handling precautions:   Should be handled as an unknown chemical.

Storage precautions:     Store in original container according to temperature stated on container and in package insert

8.                                   EXPOSURE CONTROLS, PERSONAL PROTECTION

Ventilation:                    No particular ventilation requirements.

Protective gloves:          Hand protection is recommended.

Eye protection:              Eye protection not normally required.

Protective clothing:       Protective clothing is not necessary.

9.                                   PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES

Apperance:                    Powder

Colour:                          Off-white

Solubility:                      Readily miscible with water.

Spesific gravity:             2.1 g/ml                    

pH-value:                       5.0-7.0

10.                                 STABILITY AND REACTIVITY

Stability:                        Stable and not reactive

11.                                 TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION

Acute Effects:                 None

Skin Effects:                   None

Eye Effects:                    None

12.                                 ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION

Summary:                      This product is readily miscible with water and rated non- toxic. It has no potential for bioaccumulation.

13.                                 DISPOSAL CONSIDERATION

General information:     Disposal should be made in accordance with existing disposal practices employed for biological material

14.                                 TRANSPORT INFORMATION

General information:     Transportation of the product is not regulated by ADR. Fragile containers, handle with care. Protect from high temperatures.

15.                                 REGULATORY INFORMATION

EU regulations: Not regulated under the European Community Directive 93/21/EEC.

16.                                 OTHER INFORMATION

Revision Date:               October 2000

Replaces:                      January 1992

This Safety Data Sheet complies to the European Community Directive 93/112/EC amended 91/155/EEC.

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