Sample Preparation

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Optimal sample preparation is crucial for any proteome analysis. The following parameters define the quality of each proteomics approach:

  • Solubilization protocol: Our partner Fraunhofer IGB can either apply an in house optimized SDS solubilization protocol or depending on the project other solubilization protocols adapted to the range of proteins which needs to be analyzed.

  • Cell fractionation: Whenever possible, cell fractions should be used to reduce the number of total proteins in the 2 compared samples. This increases the probability of identifying proteome differences.

  • Choice of electrophoretical separation: Depending on the biological question and on the number of proteins in the prepared samples, a protein labeling and/or biochemical fractionation strategy with subsequent 1 D protein gel electrophoresis or a 2D protein gel electrophoresis strategy might be selected.

Ordering information:

Standard Sample Preparation:

  • For each protein extract provided by you, the protein amount will be determined by Bradford assay and the proteins will be solubilized in an appropriate buffer for gel loading.

  • Please send your protein samples on dry ice to BioCat GmbH, Technologiepark, Container, Im Neuenheimer Feld 581, 69120 Heidelberg.

  • Please enclose a detailed description how you prepared the samples.

Cat. No.: SSP01: Standard Sample Preparation for 2D Gel Electrophoresis; 250 $ for 2 samples

Cat. No.: SSP02: Standard Sample Preparation for 1D Gel Electrophoresis; 125 $ for up to 8 samples

Design of Sample Preparation:

If you prefer to supply biological samples rather than protein extracts, please let us know their source and the biological questions you like to answer by the proteomics approach. Our partner Fraunhofer IGB will optimize the proteomics strategy by fractionating the cells or biochemical labeling if applicable, by choosing the most appropriate solubilization protocol, and by selecting either 1 dimensional or 2 dimensional electrophoresis as method of choice. Price depends on the project details.

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