Multiwell plates

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 Multiwell plates

Multiwell plates
> Multiwell plates
Whatman is dedicated to providing the most advanced technology for sample preparation to meet the growing demands of the life sciences market. Whatman filters are used worldwide for research, analysis and quality control in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These high quality filters are provided in a range of multiwell analytical plates for pharmaceutical and life science research. 


Whatman utilises a unique patented process to encapsulate the filter media which ensures no crosstalk or contamination between wells. This patented technology allows for use of a variety of Whatman filter media. In addition, to further optimise the filter plates for specific applications, novel polymers, surface treatments, well densities, profiles and accessories are incorporated into the process. Our microplate technology is applied by a team of engineers, scientists, polymer engineers and filtration experts to ensure Whatman is at the leading edge of new developments.

The Whatman multiwell range of products provided is extremely diverse. The novel design of the filter plates enables a large number of applications to be targeted. Applications for disciplines such as sample preparation, genomics, filter based assays and SPE are served by the multiwell approach to filtration technology. Some core applications include sample cleanup, cell-based immunoassay, isolation of nucleic acids, sterile filtration of biological samples and compound library generation using parallel synthesis procedures.


Biomek™ and liquid handling system accessories

Multiwell accessories
> Adapter collars for biomek 2000
Biomek™ and liquid handling system accessories
Designed specifically for the Biomek™ 2000 and F/X liquid handling systems from Beckman-Coulter™, Whatman Adapter Collars eliminate many of the problems common to generic vacuum systems such as cross contamination, unnecessary collection steps and the need for spacer plates.

The adapter collars are offered in two sizes to accommodate the wide range of Whatman specialty filter and collection plates-small, to enable collection into standard 300 µL collection and filter plates (~14 mm high), and medium, to accommodate collection into 800 µL collection and filter plates (~30 mm high). Chemically resistant and easy to install, Whatman Adapter Collars ensure quality is maintained in a wide range of high throughput applications. When vacuuming to waste during wash steps, the 96 well Filtrate Director assures crosstalk-free filtration by isolating the flow from each well without collecting it.

Ordering Information - Biomek® Accessories
Catalogue Number Description Quantity/Case
7705-0120 Small Whatman Collar 1
7705-0121 Medium Whatman Collar 1
7725-0118 96 Well Filtrate Director 25
Protocol* PCR Cleanup 96-Biomek Protocol CD 1
Protocol* Plasmid Miniprep 96-Biomek Protocol CD 1

BugStopper™ microplate capmat

Multiwell accessories
> BugStopper microplate capmat
BugStopper™ microplate capmat
Whatman BugStopper™ Capmats provide a simple and reliable method for venting cultures being grown in a 24 well microplate. This reusable sterile closure, which is produced using chemically resistant biosafe silicone rubber, incorporates hydrophobic microfilters which provide an ideal vent for each well.

More efficient than plastic lids, test comparisons confirm that BugStopper Capmats improve cell growth and significantly reduce evaporation. The silicone rubber portion of the capmat reseals after puncture, thus keeping cell cultures sterile during inoculation or aspiration.

Sterile Venting Closures for Microplate Cultures
  • More efficient than plastic lids. Perfect for extended growth of slow growing bacteria and fungi
  • Positive seal for every well. Significantly reduces evaporation rate and eliminates well-to-well cross-contamination
  • Autoclave and re-use. Cost-effective; repeated autoclave cycles do not affect gas exchange or retention capabilities
  • Rated 99.9% efficient for bacteria and viruses. Restricts microorganisms while allowing H2O and CO2 to pass through the membrane
  • Prevents aerosol formation. Suitable for growth of infectious microorganisms
Ordering Information
Catalogue Number Well Format Item Material Quantity/Case
7704-0014 24 BugStopper Venting Capmat for 10 mL Microplates Silicone Rubber 5
7701-5102 24 Growth Plate, 10 mL, round-bottom Polypropylene 25

Flexible capmats

Multiwell accessories
> Flexible capmats
Flexible capmats
Whatman flexible capmats individually seal the top of each well. Capmats may be used on either filter or collection microplates. 
Ordering Information
Catalogue Number Well Format Capmat Material Microplate Compatibility Quantity/Case
7704-0004 96 Square Format EVA 2 mL microplates 100
7704-0005 96 Round Format EVA 750 µL and 800 µL microplates 100
7704-0006 48 Rectangular Format EVA 5 mL microplates 100
7704-0007 24 Square Format Santoprene 10 mL microplates 100
7704-0015 384 Square Format Santoprene 400 µL microplate 100
Pierceable Capmats
7704-0104 96 Square Format Silicone 2 mL microplates 50
7704-0105 96 Round Format Silicone 300 µL, 750 µL and 800 µL microplates 50
7704-0115 384 Square Format Silicone 100 µL and 400 µL microplates 50
Venting Capmats (autoclavable)
7704-0014 24 BugStopper Venting 10 mL microplates 5


Multiwell accessories
> UniVac 1 vacuum to waste manifold
UniVac™ vacuum manifolds
UniVac™ 1 Vacuum to Waste Manifold 
The Whatman UniVac 1 is a single station unit that can be used for evacuating all liquid from a filter plate to waste, when the filtrate is not required for further analysis.

UniVac 3 Vacuum to Collect Manifold 
The Whatman UniVac 3 is a universal filter/collection manifold designed to hold all the UNIPLATE™ formats from 100 µL to 10 mL.

Multiwell accessories
> UniVac 3 Vacuum to Collect Manifold

The specially designed drip directors beneath the UNIFILTER® plate ensure that the filtrate is directed into the corresponding well of the receiving UNIPLATE. The UniVac 3 comes complete with vacuum gauge, regulator and two-way control valve.





Ordering Information - UniVac™ Vacuum Manifolds
UniVac 1 Vacuum to Waste Manifold
Catalogue Number Description Quantity/Case
7705-0101 Polyurethane vacuum manifold for filtering to waste 1
UniVac 3 Vacuum to Collect Manifold
7705-0102 Teflon coated aluminum filter/collect vacuum manifold for volumes from 100 µL to 10 mL 1
7705-0106 Solid Teflon filter/collect vacuum manifold for volumes from 100 µL to 10 mL 1
7705-0107 Acrylic filter/collect vacuum manifold for volumes from 100 µL to 10 mL 1
7705-0108 Replacement Viton® gaskets for filter/collect manifold 5
7705-0109 Replacement Viton o-rings for filter/collect manifold 5


Multiwell accessories
> VacAssist vacuum assist frame
VacAssist™ vacuum assist frame
The Whatman VacAssist™ is a thin, transparent Teflon membrane stretched inside a light metal frame that fits on top of the UNIFILTER during the vacuuming process. If one well empties before the others, this patented device automatically seals the mouth of the empty well, allowing the other wells to evacuate. One VacAssist is supplied with each UniVac 3.
Ordering Information - VacAssist™ Vacuum Assist Frame
Catalogue Number Description Quantity/Case
7705-0112 Vacuum assist frame 1

Application specific plates

Application specific plates
> Application specific plates
Whatman has developed consistent and reproducible microplates and microplate systems to improve throughput and reduce cost for a number of biological sample preparations and clean-up procedures. 

Comprehensive protocols are provided to enable implementation by all types of users. Whatman microplates c

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