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NEW Mini-UniPrep™
Slit Septa Mini-UniPrep™
Amber Mini-UniPrep™
The new and improved family
of Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filters.


Our family of Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filters
provides a faster, easier way to remove
particulates from samples being prepared for
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).
New for 2004, the Mini-UniPrep is manufactured         Prepare HPLC samples three times faster  
with a durable plastic cap for consistent superior
performance, a Slit Septa cap option for high
throughput automation and an amber colorant
version to protect samples from UV degradation.


Choose the Mini-UniPrep that
meets your specific needs:

The Mini-UniPrep Syringeless Filter on the left is shown with fluid in the chamber. On the right, the filter plunger
is shown compressed with the sample
ready for analysis

Why do anything in eight steps you      
can do in three? Mini-UniPrep cuts
time-consuming steps out of the HPLC
sample preparation process, greatly
enhancing your productivity. With
fewer steps in the process, you’ll also
dramatically reduce your expenditure
for consumables.


Slit Septa Mini-UniPrep™

  Maximize lab productivity with automated sample prep

What could be more huge than Mini-
UniPrep? Automated Mini-UniPrep!
Our new Slit Septa cap enables use
with current robotics on HPLC
instruments, greatly enhancing lab
efficiency and lowering costs.

Amber Mini-UniPrep

 Amber Mini-UniPrep
incorporates the same
amber colorant used to                    
protect pharmaceuticals
from UV degradation

Amber colorant prevents photo
degradation of light-sensitive samples.

PolyCap GW is trusted by the
word’s leading environmental            
monitoring organizations            
The new Whatman Polycap GW            
Capsule makes ground water analysis            
fast and easy. Ideal for organizations   Polycap TC capsules    
that must meet strict environmental   make sterile filtration easy    
protocol standards.   The new Whatman Polycap TC    
    0.8/0.2 μm High-Capacity Sterilizing    
    Grade Capsule provides unsurpassed    
    performance for sterile filtration of    
    biological and tissue culture solutions.    
NEW EasyDisc™ 25 mm          
New EasyDisc lets you reduce                  
preparation time and costs for                  
customers that test large numbers of                  
samples—without compromising                  
NEW Purasil™ 60Å Silica Gel   NEW UniSep HPLC Column
Whatman Purasil high purity silica   The UniSep column is the newest C-8
gel provides an excellent separation   reverse phase HPLC column from
medium for flash chromatography   Whatman. Using state-of-the-art
purification of target molecules.   technology, UniSep was developed for
Narrow particle size distribution and   conditions that call for a highly
minimal fines enable fast separations   aqueous mobile phase.
with no loss of chromatographic        
NEW Dye Terminator Removal UNIFILTER®   NEW Protein Precipitation UNIFILTER® FF    
Add your own gel filtration media for
    Simplify your drug metabolism studies
quick, inexpensive cleanup of 96 or     with this filter plate. Add plasma or
384 sequencing reactions.     serum, then acetonitrile or isopropanol.
      The oleophobic filter holds the mixture
      while protein precipitates and removes
      the precipitate when vacuum is
NEW 384 Well PCR Cleanup UNIFILTER®   NEW BugStopper™ Microplate Capmat      
Process 384 samples quickly   Whatman BugStopper Capmats provide
with greater than 85% recovery. The   a simple and reliable method for venting
Whatman PCR Cleanup UNIFILTER   cultures being grown in a 24 well
eliminates time-consuming   microplate. This reusable sterile closure,
precipitations and labor-intensive resin   which is produced using chemically
purifications.   resistant biosafe silicone rubber,
    incorporates hydrophobic microfilters
    which provide an ideal vent for each
NEW FTA® Technology
BloodSaver FTA® Card                    
Archive your blood samples and                    
process for DNA and RNA analysis on                    
FTA in this 96 well format.                    
PlantSaver FTA® Card                    
Collect plant DNA in the field on this                    
customized FTA format.                    
FTA® Kit                    
Consists of 25 FTA Micro Cards, FTA                    
purification reagent and UniCore                    



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