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  • Clone Archiving

CloneSaver™ Card

Clone archiving
> CloneSaver Card
FTA® Technology in 96 Well Format for High Throughput Applications

Designed for the collection, long-term storage and purification of plasmid and BAC DNA from bacterial clones in a 96 well format.

Prepare BAC and Plasmid DNA with Amazing Ease

  • Apply 5 µL bacterial culture, re-suspended colony or glycerol stock. Cells are lysed and plasmid or BAC DNA is stabilized for long-term storage or immediate processing
  • Bacteriophages are inactivated
  • DNA is easily accessible for downstream applications
  • Store up to 96 samples on each card

Store Sample DNA for Years at Room Temperature 
Plasmid DNA stored on CloneSaver Cards is stable at room temperature for at least 4 years...and counting.

DNA is Easily Accessible for Downstream Applications

Plasmid DNA can be eluted or used directly on a punch to transform bacteria either by electroporation or heat-shock methods.

Immobilized plasmid DNA on a CloneSaver Card punch can be used directly in a PCR. The PCR products remain in solution, do not bind to the punch and are easily recoverable. Plasmid DNA can also be eluted for PCR or other studies.

Plasmid DNA eluted from a CloneSaver punch can be amplified by rolling circle amplification, such as Amersham Bioscience's TempliPhi™ and then sequenced without the need for culture re-growth and plasmid purification.

Clone archiving
> CloneSaver Card with Multi-Barrier Pouches

CloneSaver™ Resealable Multi-Barrier Pouches

Used for transporting or storing the CloneSaver Card. The pouch is constructed with seven laminated layers that protects the card from exposure to gas or liquid contamination. There is a zip-lock resealable closure for easy access to the CloneSaver Card. The tamper-evident seal maintains sample security and the outer paper surface can be used for labelling or writing.

SPOT CloneSaver/BloodSaver Holder

SPOT is a rigid frame that allows automated spotting to standard CloneSaver and BloodSaver cards. It keeps the card flat for uniform and precise spotting of your biological samples. A 96 well card is easily inserted into the SBS-compatible frame, which can then be placed onto a liquid-handling deck just like a multiwell plate.

Clone archiving
> SPOT Holder
The SPOT holder is compatible with standard liquid handlers manufactured by companies such as Beckman Coulter and Tecan Instruments.

CloneSaver Starter Kit

Includes: 2 CloneSaver Cards, 2 Uni-Core Punches (2 mm) with cutting mat and instructions.

Ordering Information - Clone Archiving
Catalogue Number Description Cards/Pack Sample Areas/Card Maximum Volume/Sample Area (µL) Maximum Total Volume/Card (µL)
WB120052 CloneSaver Starter Kit N/A N/A N/A N/A
WB120028 CloneSaver Card 5 96 well format 5 480
WB100024 CloneSaver Resealable Multi-Barrier Pouch 50 N/A N/A N/A
WB100034 SPOT Holder for Semi-Automated Spotting 1 N/A N/A N/A
Clone archiving
> EasyClone 384 Plate
EasyClone 384™ Plate
The Whatman EasyClone 384 replaces traditional freezer storage methods and offers first of its kind, single device for entire sample archiving and purification workflow, enabling faster DNA mining and discovery. 

The EasyClone 384 plate can be used by biotechnology, pharmaceutical, government and academic laboratories for the archiving, shipping and purifying of clones - all at room temperature.

Relying on proven Whatman FTA® technology, which allows for the collection, storage and purification of DNA from a variety of biological samples, EasyClone consists of a 384-well storage and extraction plate with a piercable foil bottom and FTA disks pre-cut into each well.  The design and format of the EasyClone 384 plate enables the genomics market to use FTA as a replacement for both ultra-low archiving and purification kits.

Ordering Information - EasyClone 384™ Plate
Catalogue Number Description Quantity/Case
WB120069 EasyClone 384 plates 50
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