GMP Recombinant Human Interleukin - 4 (rHuIL - 4)

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Code: GMP rHuIL-4-50ug
Price: 605 USD
Quantity : 50µg
Batch : G017/LC1/030526/PV
Storage: -20°C
Interleukin4 (IL4), also known as B cell stimulatory
factor1, is a monomeric, approximately 13 kDa
18 kDa Th2 cytokine that shows pleiotropic eects
during immune responses (1 – 3). It is a
glycosylated polypeptide that contains three
intrachain disulde bridges and adopts a bundled
four αhelix structure (4). Human IL4 is synthesized
with a 24 aa signal sequence. Alternate splicing
generates an isoform with a 16 aa internal deletion
Source E.coli
Appearance Colourless, clear liquid free of particles
Identity 1 band at 15kDa as measured by
SDS-PAGE/Western Blot
Specic activity 12.4 x 10 exp6 units / mg compared to
NIBSC standard (Bioassay)
Endotoxin content < 0.1EU/µg (LAL)
Protein content 50 ± 10 µg/vial (Lowry/µBCA)
Trehalose 6±0.5 mg/ml (HPLC)
Sterility Absence of growth (FTM (30° - 35°C))
Absence of growth (TSB (20° - 25°C))
Abnormal toxicity No weight loss, no abnormal reaction in
General Growth No weight loss, no abnormal reaction in
guinea pigs
Physical state Freeze-dried
Stability 12 months at -20°C to -80°C
At least 3 months after reconstruction when
stored at -20°C to - 80°C
Reconstruction Use 500µL water of injection
ackaging unit 50 µg protein (Lowry test)
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