Listeria Virus, Serology And Identification

Recommendations to face Listeria outbreak for laboratories and health specialsts in clinical biology, identification and serology of Listeria Virus


In the case of the receipt of a sample for the purpose of carrying out a PCR on biological samples or serology, the CNRL is currently transferring the request to the Microbiology Department of the Necker-Enfants Sants Hospital for requests PCR on LCR and specialized laboratories (such as Pasteur Cerba or Biomnis) for serology applications.

Culture – Isolation – Incubation (24 h -37 ° C)
CSF: 0.5% glucose nutrient broth
Stool: isolation on ALOATM agar or equivalent agar
Other samples: Plain nutrient agar or 5% fresh blood, supplemented or not with nalidixic acid and colistin (ANC agar)



CNRL recommends the API LISTERIA galleries (bioMérieux) which have a complete validation file, otherwise API CORYNE (bioMérieux) or the MICROBACT 12L gallery (Oxoïd) as well as Vitek 2 (bioMérieux). The API CORYNE galleries must be supplemented by additional tests, since they only allow the diagnosis of the genus Listeria and are the source of confusion, in particular the absence of a distinction between L. grayi and L. monocytogenes.
The identification by MALDI-TOF MS (Bruker Daltonik) of the main Listeria species has been validated by the

1st line laboratories are only allowed to serotype except for serovars 1 / 2a, 1 / 2b, 1 / 2c and 4b with serotyping Listeria Kit . In addition, this kit contains only 9 out of 15 O-reactors to be used to serotype Listeria. The other commercial kits have not been evaluated or submitted for validation by the supplier to CNRL.

Zika Virus sample


Agar diffusion method supplemented or not with 5% blood and 20 mg / L b-Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD).
Antibiotics to be tested also. Interpretation of the sensitivity to sulphonamides and derivatives on MH agar supplemented with blood.
The use of the EUCAST protocol which is complemented by the interpretation values.

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