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Can Thyroid Function Measurements become atypical by Taking Biotin Supplements?

Yes, the disturbing impact of biotin on thyroid capacity tests (TFTs) is published in PubMed papers.
Dynamic Biotin B-complexes vitamins are sold as food supplements.

Can Biotin and biotin-streptavidin interaction in CLIA immunoassay like Roche Cobas or Abott Architect or DiaSorin LIAISON XL be a serious source of interference for thyroid, thyrotoxicosis, thyroid autoimmunity diagnosis?

Yes, Water soluble Biotin in a day by day portion of biotin is 30 μg/day canbe accountable for biotin interference with measurements of thyroid capacity tests (TFTs)
Numerous tests use biotin streptavidin bonds because biotins affinity to streptavidin. This immobilization framework delivers false positives in CLIA outcomes on Thyroid Lab results. Thyrotoxicosis is shown in asymptomatic patients taking biotin. However radioactive iodine take-up (RAIU) checking of a patient who is taking biotin are showing the opposite. The biotin streptavidin immunoassays are frequently used to measure serum levels of thyroid invigorating hormone (TSH), thyroid hormones, and thyroid antibodies. Two primary examination techniques are utilized to gauge thyroid hormones, the “sandwich” test and the focused measure. Contingent upon the sort of measure, biotin obstruction can create a false positives. A “sandwich” test is utilized to gauge TSH. In a “sandwich” measure, a catch antibody that is conjugated with biotin ties streptavidin-covered microparticles. When there is high accumulation of free biotin, the free biotin rivals with the streptavidin antibody for the coupling site on the streptavidin. This makes a low reaction sign and delivers an erroneously low TSH level estimations. Examples are symptomatic hyperthyroidism, especially unusual thyroid capacities, and a positive RAIU filter.

Can we measure TSH without biotin interference?

Yes Snibe Maglumi 800 has a non biotin based TSH kit


Zara Latif , Marc J. Crupie, Lieven Gevaert
1. Interior Medicine, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, USA
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Djoumana Ounas

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