HIV prevention with Crispr cas9 tool

A scientist says he has been successful in helping to bring the world’s first genetically modified babies. that binoculars were born after they modified their embryos using CRISPR technology. The manipulation involved removing the CCR5 gene, which plays a crucial role in many forms of HIV.


using CRISPR technology to suppress the CCR5 gene and create HIV-resistant children. this information needs to be taken with caution but that nevertheless seems likely as the rumors have run in recent months of work of Chinese research on the modification of human genes by the tool Gentaur CRISPR cas9.

Ethical risks related to the use of CRISPR

The birth of the twins was unveiled at the same time as the holding in Hong Kong of a major international symposium on ethical risks related to the use of CRISPR in human health.
Genetic editing itself is experimental and is always associated with off-target mutations, capable of causing genetic problems early and late in life. “

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Indeed, CRISPR Cas9 is an extremely easy to use genetic manipulation tool. it is this ease of access which constitutes the greatest risk. With the apparently proven birth of these two genetically modified twins, we would be in the presence of an action of an isolated researcher, out of any convention and academic supervision.

Off-target effects

The modification genome of human embryos, monkeys and mice described the modification of target DNA in human embryos created by in vitro fertilization, which had resulted in few unintended changes (“off-target effects”).

cDNA Antibody

While the twins were still at the single cell stage, the CRISPR scissors was used to remove in the genetic code, the access through which HIV enters to infect a host. With regard to IVF, before reimplanting the embryo, the Chinese team sequenced the genome of the embryo to verify that the modification had taken place. no gene had been altered other than that to prevent infection by the HIV.

Preventive procedure

The intervention was not conducted for a therapeutic purpose but for a preventive purpose: to avoid that these two beings can one day contract the HIV. This experience is the first step of a road that many scientists and ethicists are afraid to see open. That of a eugenics in which genetically modified babies would be born

Tommy Ounas

Tommy Ounas

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