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What are Monoclonal Antibodies ?

Monoclonal antibodies or also known as (MAB) or (moAb) are identical antibodies that are produced in a laboratory from a single clone of B cells. The B cells that are used are also identical, and that is why these antibodies have specifity, and they recognize only one specific antigen, and bind to the same epitope.


Monclonal Antibodies Host

The host is where we produce antibodies, most often in a mouse or a rabbit, but we can also produce antibodies in other species.

Production of Monoclonal antibodies

The operation starts by the injection of the host with target antigen, which stimulates the B cells that are located in the spleen to produce antibodies against the injected target antigen. Then we remove the spleen cells during a small operation, After that, fusion of the spleen cells with tumor cells. we do this because B cells cannot divide instead of hybridoma cells which divide indefinitely, The mix is called Hybridoma cells. These cells divide rapidly and produce million of MAB specific to the target antigen. After that we start to collect and purify MAB.

Elisa Principle

Species Reactivity

Our catalog includes MAB that are reactive with variety of species such as: Human, Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Bovine, Porcine, Canine, Guinea Pig, Chicken, Monkey, Goat, sheep,… in addition we also have monoclonal antibodies that can react with less commun species such as: fish, Cat, Horse, Plant, Goose, Camel, Duck, Pigeon, Donkey, and other species.

Monoclonal Antibodies Applications

We use MAB in cancer treatment, treatment of auto-immune diseases, called immunotherapy and diagnosis. Monoclonal antibodies when used as biological therapy are available as lyophilized powder for reconstitution, or solution for injection.

monoclonal antibody

Types of monoclonal antibodies

Naked MAB: No drug or radioactive material attached to them.
Conjugated Monoclonal Antibodies: joined to a chemotherapy drug or to a radioactive particle.
Bispecific Monoclonal Antibodies: These drugs are made up of parts of two different monoclonal antibodies, and they can attach to two different proteins at the same time.
Antibody-drug conjugates or ADCs: The conjugated drug is too powerful to be used alone, as it would do great damage to the organism.

Nowadays it is possible to produce MAB that specifically bind to almost any substance. We use these MAB to detect or purify that substance. This tool is now an important tool in biochemistry, medicine and molecular biology.

The efficacy of monoclonal antibodies

The efficacy of MAB depends on:

The functions and characteristics of the target antigens.
Cell surface density or tissue distribution of the antigen.
Factors associated with monoclonal antibodies-specificity and isotype.

Elisa required material
Zika Virus testing strategy

Monoclonal Antibody Data sheet

The data sheet of our MAB are available upon request. You can ask for information for all type of products, you have only to call us or send an email to the Gentaur support team, and we will answer you within 24h.

Monoclonal Antibody Pricing

Gentaur provides best quality of MAB at the lowest price. The costumer can also call us or contact us by email. Gentaur offers a livechat support 24h/7days. In other words, our experts in biology are available to answer all the questions.

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Djoumana Ounas

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